how to find an indianapolis adoption attorney

How to Find an Indianapolis Adoption Attorney

When faced with the daunting task of searching for a suitable adoption attorney, many would-be parents wonder how to find one. Adoption is a difficult time in any family, and in the city of Indianapolis, many qualified attorneys can help you find a suitable one for your child. If you are faced with the same situation and do not know where to begin your search, read on. This article will give you some useful information on how to find an Indianapolis Adoption Attorney.

When searching for a suitable adoption attorney, you will first need to establish what type of attorney you need. You may be searching for an Indianapolis Adoption Attorneys specializing in Native American adoption law or an attorney who works exclusively with children who were victims of sex trafficking. Attorneys can be found by contacting the county’s attorney registry or through online avenues like the Federal Bar Association website, which features all lawyers’ listings in the area. The National Center for Law and Policy has some great resources for those in the Indianapolis area searching for an adoption attorney. They provide a list of attorney referral services, including:

  • National Association of Attorneys General (NALG)
  • National Association of Business Attorneys General (NACBA)
  • National Organization for Marriage and Families (OANF)
  • National Federation of Fathers’ Associations (NFFA)

Once you have established what type of family attorney you are looking for, you should check their credentials. All attorneys must pass the bar exam and obtain a certificate of completion. Several organizations can help you find certified attorneys in the Indianapolis area. The most notable is the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA), affiliated with the United States Justice Department.

The National Center for Law and Policy, an affiliate of the United States Department of Justice, provides information on adoption-related issues, including laws, principles, and international adoptions. NALA also provides links to local agencies and other pertinent information. The Indianapolis Human rights group, or HOHA, offers a directory of attorneys specializing in child welfare. You can search their database for local listings of adoption-friendly attorneys. The Midwest Adoption Center, or MACE, is part of the Midwest Council of Agencies and Specialists.

The National Infertility Association or NICTA is a non-profit organization that provides support, information, and referrals for women who are in the process of finding a child. They have national offices located in Illinois and Indiana. They have local offices in:

  • Fort Wayne
  • Gary
  • Indianapolis
  • Columbus
  • Elkhart
  • Kokomo
  • Kentucky
  • Nashville
  • South Central Indiana

The Non-Profit Institute of Indianapolis is a not-for-profit membership organization that provides training, information, and support for people in the process of adoption. Their national office offers a Child Welfare Services Referral service and a National Adoption Referral Card.

An adoption attorney can make the process of adoption much easier on you and your child. It can be extremely emotional and best handled by someone who has experience dealing with these issues. Adoption is something that involves a lot of research as well as the work of many professionals. Make sure you find an attorney dedicated to giving you sound legal advice related to the adoption process. As a prospective adoptive parent, it is essential to understand all of your rights before making any final decisions.