The Difference Between Comparative Negligence and Contributory Negligence

When a person’s careless driving or negligence for safety and security policies leads to an accident, the legislation offers victims the right to look for payment for their losses. However, what happens if their activities also contributed to the crash somehow? Depending on the state’s regulations, an Indianapolis car accident lawyer can significantly influence your […]

What is a Felony?

Figuring out the various types of criminal offenses can be a challenging task. One that, in some cases, makes us feel like we require a regulation level. However, do not stress; remember this: a felony is one of the most significant types of criminal offense possible. Therefore, felonies are considered one of the most severe […]

Arrest Warrant

What is an arrest warrant? An arrest warrant is a court warrant issued by a magistrate or judge on behalf of the State, that authorizes the search and seizure of a person, or the seizure and arrest of a person. A warrant is issued when there is reason to suspect the issuance of one for […]