If I have an arrest warrant

Arrest Warrant

What is an arrest warrant? An arrest warrant is a court warrant issued by a magistrate or judge on behalf of the State, that authorizes the search and seizure of a person, or the seizure and arrest of a person. A warrant is issued when there is reason to suspect the issuance of one for some type of act. For example, if a person were to run from law enforcement, that person may be arrested. A warrant also may be issued if there is suspicion that the person committed a crime that is on a list of crimes that the State has created. Do you have a warrant for your arrest, call us at 317-505-0470.

Types of Warrants

What are the different types of warrants? There are several types of warrants that can be applied for. A bench warrant may be applied if a person believes they may be placed in jail based on a bench warrant. A bail warrant can be applied for when a person is suspected of being in the process of skipping bail and may be arrested.

Who Can Get an Arrest Warrant

Warrant applications are typically handled by circuit courts within the county, the person is accused of being in violation of. Circumstances may exist where someone may not have an otherwise valid reason to have a warrant. An arrest warrant must be able to be applied for by a law enforcement officer.

what is an arrest warrant

Who Issues an Arrest Warrant

An arrest warrant is issued by the competent authority upon a showing of probable cause, which means an arrest warrant may be issued if a reasonable person would believe the information at hand is sufficient to suggest criminal activities.

Arrest warrants serve the purpose of protecting people from unlawful arrests under the Fourth Amendment. The warrant also gives actual notice to the person or persons being arrested about the charges pressed.

An arrest warrant is a preferred process but is not a required document to make a lawful arrest.

How Can I Find Out If There Is a Warrant for My Arrest

There are a number of ways to determine if there is an outstanding warrant for your arrest. Here is how to determine if an arrest warrant exists: